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How to Fix a Windows 10 Black Screen Issue? (Multiple Solutions).How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 10 | AVG

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When I’m reading an e-mail or document without moving ny mouse, the screen turns black after only about one minute and then switches to my screen saver. I must move the mouse constantly to keep my active window open. I can’t find out how to turn this “Energy Saving Screej off so I can read long articles without being interrupted every other minute. This has been VERY irritating! Go to Solution. Open windows Control Panel, open Pesonalization, click the Screen saver link in the bottom right and in the following window, adjust the time in the ‘Wait’ box to a time you want before the screen saver appears and click Apply.

Or if you prefer never to get the log-on screen, remove the tick next to ‘On resume, display logon screen’. Click Apply to save the change. Next, open windows Control Panel again and click Power Options, click the Change plan settings link next to your currently selected power plan and in the following window adjust the time using the dropdown box next to how to stop my computer screen from going black Off Display’ to a more acceptable setting and then click Save Changes.

Note: Set the time how to stop my computer screen from going black the Power Options menu to be slightly longer than the time you set in the Screensaver Menu or you will never see your screensaver start. View solution in original post. I had recently changed my Theme, which auto-set my Screen Saver to 1min. ZOMG- such a simple freakin’ answer that totally fixed my prob.

I have Kudos’d you to show my thx. What operating blakc is this advice for? Can’t see one in the OP’s question. It certainly isn’t win In Control Перейти, there isn’t a “personalisation ” tab. On clicking Appearance and personalisation, there are three options. Sorry guys, but advisors need to know the platform, and to advise the EXACT steps, or ordinary joes like me might as well just do it by guesswork.

I have said before, advisors need to understand that just because THEY know what the mean, it doesn’t follow that everyone else does. In Windows 10, type “control panel” in the search box, and then select the top option. Gow on Appearance and Personalization, then under Ссылка, click on “change screen saver”, where you will see как сообщается здесь drop-down box to lengthen the time before it goes into screensaver mode.

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– Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly? Fix Black Screen Issue!

Sometimes viruses can cause the screen to go black. Security Tips. Social Media. What’s New in Vivaldi 5. Carol Xu.


– How to stop my computer screen from going black

The most common and critical hardwares that can cause laptop black screen are the power supply, liquid crystal display, memory bank, hard disk, motherboard, etc.


How to stop my computer screen from going black –


If you have multiple languages. In iTunes, choose Preferences, then click Devices. From here, you can right-click on the. This site uses cookies to store data. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the processing of these files. Next, check your graphics card or liquid crystal display. Connect the external monitor to the external display interface of the laptop, restart Windows OS and see whether the external display can work normally.

If yes, the motherboard, CPU, hard disk, graphics card, and memory don’t go wrong. And perhaps it is the liquid crystal display that leads to the issue laptop screen keeps going black. And then you need an after-sales service to fix the displayer. If the external displayer doesn’t show anything, the motherboard or graphics card may be broken. Also, you need to ask an after-sales service for help. Here are some ways to replace or change them without fresh install.

Sometimes, the laptop temperature is too high; in this case, if you often play games despite the heat dissipation performance bot being good, as a result, the screen goes black randomly due to the graphics card temperature being too high. Check your graphics card to see if it’s burned out.

If not, please clear the dust thoroughly, reclean the exhaust system, apply silicone, and replace the fan. In addition to hardware issues, your computer screen goes black randomly because of some software problems. First, try a simple way. This way is an easy solution to laptop screen black but still running.

If Windows is responsive, a short beep will sound and the screen will blink or dim when Windows attempts to refresh the screen. If it couldn’t work, you can boot your laptop to Safe Mode to fix a black screen problem.

Step 1: If you are unable to see anything on the screen due to a black screen, restart your PC, when the blue Windows logo appears, press the power button and reboot.

Or you can prepare a repair disc and use it to boot your laptop, then click Repair your computer to enter WinRE. Step 2: Once you see the Choose an option menu, just click Troubleshoot. In Safe Mode, you can try some troubleshooting steps. Let’s see details from the following paragraphs. Usually, spinning dots during startup indicates that an update is installing, and you need to wait a few moments, but if it takes a long time, it could be a compatibility problem with the hardware. If you experience something similar, disconnect all peripherals, including printers, cameras, removable drives, Bluetooth, docking station, and other USB devices from your computer.

Restart the device again, and if it returns to normal, the problem is likely to be one of the peripherals. You can determine which component is causing the issue by reconnecting one at a time until you stumble upon the one causing the conflict.

Once you know the peripheral causing the issue, disconnect it, restart the computer, search online to find a solution, or contact the manufacturer for additional assistance.

Current page: Page 1. Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral. His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. Windows Central Windows Central. Mauro Huculak. Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments That’s great that they have a fix In all, but what about the persons on the windows 10 mobile?

We have this issue when unlocking our cell phones. The issue was reported to Microsoft more than once through the feedback hub but nothing has yet to be done. As stated in the article, you could try pressing both volume up and down keys on your device simultaneously three times. Why did I get down voted multiple times for citing a potential solution from the article? Because that doesn’t work. You should try it first. Technically only the phones on RS2 experience this. Given it’s non final software, I give them a pass on this one.

RS1 doesn’t do this. For me, a “black screen” problem occurs on one of my desktops whenever I am trying to install an update that requires a reboot.

During the boot process, i get to a point where the only thing I see is the rotating progress circle – nothing else. Very little, if any, hard disk usage. I usually have to power off and restart several times for it to finally install correctly – but it would be nice to know where the hiccup is occuring If you have anything plugged into your USB ports, chances are one of the devices is shorting and removing the failing device will resolve your issue.

Next, check the monitor display cable. The monitor display cable is the cable that delivers the picture from the computer to the LCD display. It runs from the back of the computer to the monitor, so you will need to check connections at both ends this time. Follow the cable all the way to the computer and note where it is plugged in. Now, ensure that the cable is screwed into both ends.

Note that HDMI cables cannot be screwed in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to plug the cable in. Now, power the monitor on to see if it comes on.

If not, try jostling the wires on the power and video cables to see if it causes the monitor to turn on or go blank. If one of the wires is at fault, then the display will turn on and off to coincide with your movement. If no change, proceed to the next step.

Simply put: both DVI and HDMI are digital signals; if the signal is too weak, the monitor won’t sync to the computer, resulting in a blank screen.

If the cable run is too long, or of the signal has been split using a non-powered DVI or HDMI splitter , this can cause the monitor to go black because the signal isn’t strong enough. Based on my experience, some HDMI cables will simply stop syncing properly after a while, even though they worked fine previously, and even though the same cable works fine on another device.

Sometimes, HDMI cables won’t work properly if there has been a recent hardware configuration change. For example, you may have purchased a stereo receiver and ran the cable through the receiver instead of directly through the monitor. In this case, you can bypass the splitter or receiver and see if that makes any difference. At any rate, I suggest you try another HDMI cable if you have one lying around to see if that resolves your problem. If not, purchase one that has a high AWG thickness as this will help to ensure a strong signal.

Assuming that the cables are plugged in securely, power on the monitor and check to see if the monitor keeps going black. If not, proceed to the next step. If a monitor power cord or display cable are pinched or twisted especially at the very ends , this can cause the signal to become short circuited, and the screen to go blank. In this case, you will need to unplug both the power and the display cable to the monitor as well as the one to the computer and physically examine them.

Sometimes cables can be pinched if the computer desk is lying on top of them usually because the desk has been moved or shifted. More often than not, however, the cable ends become bent or twisted usually due to a tight fit in the back of the computer or monitor, which results in the cable shorting out.

If you noticed any pinch marks or tears, or if the ends are badly twisted or bent, then you should try replacing the cable. If you have any bent pins, you can try straightening the pins using a screw driver – but ensure that the power to the monitor is unplugged beforehand. If you have Energy Saving Mode or a Screen Saver enabled on your computer, this can cause the monitor to go black or power off completely.

Now, use the monitor to see if it powers off or goes blank. If it still doesn’t work properly, proceed to the next step. The video card driver determines how the computer negotiates power saving mode with the monitor, among other things.

To ensure that you video card driver is not at fault, download the latest video card driver from the manufacturer’s website. You can determine which video card you have by opening up the Device Manager and reviewing the model name and number of the Display Adapter. To do so: click Start and type in “device manager”; then click the Device Manager link when it appears. The Device Manager window should appear; look for “Display adapter” and click it.

Your video card name and model number should be listed there. Use the monitor as you would normally after updating the driver to see if that fixes the problem.

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